Heath Tournier Contractors was established in 2005. Beginning in Electrical and Air-conditioning the Company developed a solid customer base around the Perth region by offering a reliable, next-day service. Initially the focus was on the installation of split systems, ducted splits and evaporative air-conditioners. HTC have installed hundreds of air-conditioning systems around the Perth region. Today we have the added advantage of being able to supply customers with leading brand air-conditioners and offer the most competitive supply and install prices around! The Electrical Division has continued to grow and we now work in both the Domestic and Commercial sectors.

In 2007 HTC saw an opportunity to additionally offer Plumbing and Gas-fitting services to our customers. We found that many customers were booking us to install new electrical appliances which were replacing existing gas appliances. We realised that it would save everyone time and money if we could disconnect the gas appliance and install the new electrical appliance (or vice versa) in the one trip. This cut out time spent waiting around, time spent booking and co-ordinating two different trades and in the end saved money for all.

2009 saw the beginning of a new Solar Division as HTC began work in the Solar Industry. HTC have installed hundreds of Solar Hot Water and Solar Power Systems around Perth and the surrounding suburbs. We now also supply leading brand Solar Power and Solar Hot Water Systems at very competitive prices while continuing to offer quality installations performed by licenced and accredited installers who understand how to get the best out of these products.

The company has also developed a competitive advantage in the Domestic New Home Market. This advantage is achieved as HTC cut the headaches out of organising various trades on a project. At underground stage our Drainage and Electrical and Telecommunications teams work in together. At tube-out and fit-off stages our Plumbers and Gas-fitters, and Electricians and Air-Conditioning Technicians work in together ensuring your project runs smoothly and finishes on time. 

HTC have successfully completed many unit lot developments, hundreds of new home builds, many renovations and also currently undertake several maintenance contracts on accommodation sites and apartment complexes.

HTC have a successful Commercial Division. In 2007 two of our Domestic Builders expanded into the Commercial market and HTC have since successfully completed the Electrical, Plumbing and Air-Conditioning on numerous commercial projects including Medical Centres, Gymnasiums, Primary Schools and Aged Care Facilities.


Our team is made up of qualified Electricians, Plumbers & Gas-fitters, Solar Power and Solar Hot Water Installers and Air-conditioning Technicians.


We pride ourselves on our quality, efficiency, reliability, accountability and our friendly and professional service.

We achieve quality by sending experienced professionals to your job

We achieve efficiency in our quick response time and our productive work time

We achieve reliability by putting our customers first

We achieve accountability by taking full responsibility for everything we do

We achieve a friendly and professional service through extensive training of our staff and our professional company vehicles and work uniforms


Our goal is differentiation. We aim to be a Company like no other.